Hydrogen Maritime Applications

equipped with fittings from STÖHR ARMATUREN

The industry today
For many years, the maritime sector treated hydrogen only as an option for the future under ‘further running’. Today an increasing number of projects involve hydrogen use, as shipping companies look for solutions to address the growing pressure to say goodbye to fossil fuels.
Although major players in the maritime industry know large tankers and cruise ships won’t run on hydrogen or similar fuels tomorrow, the discussion about alternative fuels has reached a new dimension. Though many shipping companies are increasingly reliant on liquefied natural gas (LNG), the industry is aware of the transitional, temporary nature of the technology.
Of course, there’s a lot more to the maritime industry than just tankers and sea cruisers. While underwater hulls have used fuel cells for more than 20 years, other sectors – such as yachting, passenger and car ferries, river freight transport, river cruisers and leisure shipping – represent a vast opportunity for innovation.


Green energy and future needs
Achieving the goal of climate neutrality demands a new energy ecosystem for the shipping industry – and this, in turn, requires significant investment, collaboration and technology development. Green hydrogen, methanol and ammonium will play a major role in the industry’s road to zero.
Beside the many different challenges raised by boats that operate under vastly different conditions and at various sizes, effective solutions are required for the control process between on-ground fuel tanks, dockside filling stations, onboard fuel infrastructure and the point of use.

Our mission
STÖHR is committed to having a positive impact on the environment and offers solutions for hydrogen-based transportation systems at all medium temperatures, valve sizes and pressure levels for both on-water mobile applications and stationary use at dockside filling stations. Get in touch to discuss your design concept and we’ll work with you to design, prototype and manufacture the fittings and installations you need for mass production. We’re open to your challenge!

  • LH2 and GH2 from onboard tank to fuel cell, also applicable for Ammonia and Methanol
  • GH2 and LOX supply from submarine tank to fuel cell
  • Submarine cabin oxygen supply
  • Use of valves mounted on mobile harbor filling crane
  • Harbor stationary LH2, Ammonia or Methanol loading facilities for tankers, yachts, ferries and submarines

Essential product features:

  • Available as globe, control or check valve and filter with stem extension
  • Cryogenic valve suitable for medium temperatures ranging from 2K to 243K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Ambient valve suitable for medium temperatures ranging from 243K to 323 K (-30° C to +50° C)
  • Available with manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuation
  • Available nominal sizes from DN 10 to DN 100
  • Available as straight body type (standard) or in angle version (optional)
  • Adaptable to various environmental conditions
  • For installation in horizontal or even vertical position (optional)
  • Nominal pressure: up to PN40 (other pressure levels on request)

Series 1200 manual ambient globe valve

Series 1200 manual cryogenic globe valve with DNV approval and stamp

Series 1200 manual cryogenic globe valve with DNV approval and stamp

Essential product features:

  • Free installation position: can be installed in horizontal position or even top-down position
  • Cryogenic globe or control valve
  • Medium temperatures ranging from 2K to 243K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Straight body type
  • Manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuation
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN300
  • Nominal pressure: up to PN40

FREES DN150 with hydrulic actuator

Essential product features:

  • Bevel-seat cryogenic valve (Y-housing) with free pipe passage
  • Cryogenic valve suitable for medium temperatures ranging from 2 K to 243 K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • Manual or pneumatic actuation
  • Straight body type
  • Nominal diameters available from DN8 to DN100
  • High flow coefficient in relation to the nominal valve size
  • Suitable for simple and digestible cleaning
  • Suitable for use in tight spaces due to the inclined shape
  • Nominal sizes: DN8 to DN100
  • Nominal pressure: PN25

ELLIPS series 1700 globe valve with manual actuation

  • Fittings for gases since 1938
  • Experienced in cryogenics since the 1960s
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • High product safety in operation
  • High product reliability, low maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • High leak tightness to the environment
  • Lowest heat loads to the medium
  • Highest pressure levels
  • Applicable at cryogenic, ambient and even hot medium temperatures
  • For all environmental and service conditions
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream applications

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